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  IAU   The International Handbook of Universities includes higher education institutions that offer at least a post-graduate degree or four-year professional diploma in print and online.

  • Provides a detailed list of higher education institutions globally
  • All information contained in the Handbook is validated at the national and institutional levels
  • Provides an index of fields of study to make navigation easier
  • Includes single-user access to WHED Online for 12 months following publication
  • Pub Date: 31st August 2013
    Customers in North America
    Customers in Australia and New Zealand
    Customers in UK and Rest of World

      IAU   The Guide to Higher Education in Africa disseminates information on higher education in the continent. 

  • List of universities and education systems for 51 African countries
  • Includes national bodies with contact details
  • Includes detailed information on more than 950 institutions of higher education with contact details
  • Compiled in partnership with the African Association of Universities (AAU)
  • Pub Date: 12th March 2013
    Customers in North America
    Customers in Australia and New Zealand
    Customers in UK and Rest of World

      IAU   The World Higher Education Database CD-ROM is a comprehensive and efficient tool to find out information about higher education throughout the world.

  • Descriptions of the education system, list of higher education institutions and credentials of over 180 countries
  • Contact details for national, regional and international bodies and higher education institutions
  • Data available as CD-ROM format for those users without internet access
  • User-friendly facilities on a large variety of fields
  • Able to export up to 250 higher education institution addresses, additional exports are available through data licensing
  • Single-user or network versions (for use on up to 10 computers)
  • Pub Date: 15th February 2013
    Customers in North America
    Customers in Australia and New Zealand
    Customers in UK and Rest of World

      IAU   Higher Education Policy is the scholarly journal of the International Association of Universities (IAU). Its aim is to provide a peer-reviewed vehicle of the highest quality for institutional leadership, scholars, practitioners and administrators at all levels of higher education to have access to, keep abreast of, and contribute to, the most advanced analyses available in this domain.

    Four issues a year
    Print ISSN: 0952-8733
    Online ISSN: 1740-3863

    Visit the journal website for information about how to subscribe to the journal.

    The full archive of Higher Education Policy, back to Volume One, 1988, is now available online.


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